The performers were very professional and were experts in their craft, while also understanding how to work well with children of all ages. Students participated fully and enthusiastically in all programs at their grade level. Getting to meet the performers and to glean from them the love of music was very welcome. The performing artists were all very enthusiastic and knew how to make the workshops and concerts fun and educational. This is an exceptional program for our students who generally have limited cultural experiences. The group exposed our students to high-quality music and provided diversity to our population that has very little exposure to diversity.

Elizabeth Hayes Principal
Ticonderoga Elementary School

I think having these amazing musicians spend time at our school, teaching and encouraging our students, has become a crucial part of our school year. After BAE musicians leave, students are always at such a high and I love having it towards the beginning of the school year. We can then all work to foster this musical growth the rest of the year. Such a meaningful time for students and teachers as well to have these musicians come. Very thankful for the opportunities and experiences that my students have had working with BAE.

Emily Hermann Band Director
Town of Webb School UFSD

Thanks for the passion, talent and willingness to inspire students.

Jodi Childs Elementary Music
Brushton-Moira CSD

The program has excellent educational value. For some students, these programs are the only music exposure they receive besides school music and the radio.

Laura Davison Instrumental Music
Tupper Lake CSD

The Bridge Arts Ensemble is an excellent program to work with. The past three years have been consistent quality. The performers are talented and easy to work with. They truly want to be successful and to help us with our programs/students. Due to their outstanding musicianship, they are able to pass on advice to improve our music students. In regard to the concerts presented to the entire student body, BAE does an excellent job using music of all genres to relate to students with topics they understand and can appreciate.

Gary Barrow Instrumental Music
Galway CSD